Onduruquea Lodge

Fine cuisine and relaxation

The Lodge “Onduruquea Lodge Omaruru” is situated about 20 km south of Omaruru and covers about 40,000 acres. The Lodge was formerly known as the “Namib Guestfarm Onduruquea” managed by the Sibolds family until 10 December 2017, who built an outstanding reputation. We, the Harmsen family, will do our utmost to carry on in the same way, while adding our personal touch.

For example, in 2018 we wil realize 2 private waterholes suites with private terrace. Next, we will renovate and/or upgrade the other rooms and bathrooms, so that the African character is reflected even better in these suites. Chef Ron will prepare every meal outdoors, and we are planning a happy hour in our cocktail bar, a welcome addition to the Lodge. Personal contact between the family and our guests will be the priority in this small- scaled Lodge.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Fine Cuisine and Relaxation is our motto